Charitable Donations

Dollars Donated to Charities

Approach and Vision

The tradition of charitable giving embodies values of compassion, community engagement, and social responsibility. It highlights the crucial role of charitable donations in tackling societal issues. For individuals and families, charitable giving presents a chance to align their resources with their values and make a meaningful difference in society.

Charitable donation strategies involve a thoughtful and deliberate approach to allocating resources for the greatest benefit. This includes choosing charitable organizations, determining the most effective donation methods, and considering the role of charitable giving in personal financial planning.

Key Considerations

Charitable Giving Options

Leveraging Tax Benefits

Different Ways to Donate

Focusing on impact

Legacy and Estate Planning


We offer a full range of family office services, which we custom-fit to your own unique business, professional and family needs.

As a family office, we provide our clients with a full range of services designed to ensure that they have the confidence to make decisions that will impact their family enterprise for generations to come. These services fall into five primary categories:

Wealth Management

Our team specializes in overseeing your wealth in a tax-efficient manner, with an eye on risk management.

Family Office

We help Families in Business navigate the complexities of multi-generational financial affairs

Wealth Transfer

We help our clients explore tax-efficient strategies to transition their wealth and legacy to the next generation as well as charitable giving.

Enterprise Oversight

We facilitate dialogue/conversations around topics such as leadership development and shifting roles in changing family structures.

Philanthropic Planning

We guide affluent families to use their wealth for impactful societal contributions while preserving their legacy.


Over 25 years of working with Legacy Family Office has given us the confidence to make informed decisions that have seen us succeed through all of life’s transitions, including moving on from our professional business lives into an amazing retirement where we are living the life we’d always dreamed of – without worry.

– Alan and Margaret

I know so many families where only one person manages the finances. Having Legacy Family Office both involved and taking care of your entire family has been vital to building our legacy. I don’t know what we would’ve done without their guidance and support (over the last 5 years).

– Naomi & Family

Legacy has assisted yet another generation of our family by providing investment, inheritance and property planning for our mother at a time when she was very much in need of help.

– Colin & Catherine