Ksenia Kovarsky

Ksenia Kovarsky,



I believe that feeling confident in your financial future comes from knowing where you stand today and what your options for the future are.

Ksenia Kovarsky – My Story

Born with a love for details and an innate drive to simplify almost everything, I figured out early in life that simplification frees up time for the important things. Being detail oriented set me up perfectly for a successful career as a financial planner. It allows me to take the complexities of a family’s many moving financial parts, develop a clear financial picture and develop a strong plan for them. I’ve witnessed that a clear understanding of their options allows for sound financial decision making which results in peace of mind for our clients.

I work with business owners and professionals who are close to or just retiring and typically there are a lot of financial pieces to be brought together. As I enjoy the technical aspects of my role, I take away their need to focus on their finances so they can focus on other life priorities such as wrapping up their career, passing on their business to the next generation or taking the time away to focus on other things they are passionate about – family, travel, philanthropy, hobbies, etc.

Continuous learning is a big part of the culture here at Legacy Family Office of Assante Financial Management Ltd. and that adds additional value for our clients. Whether taking industry related courses or connecting with other strategic advisors, we are always learning. We draw information from every meeting and conversation, bringing back the knowledge, expertise and options to our clients. We keep a pulse on the information that we know is important to our clients, understand what’s going on with the ‘macro’, and as a result, can better advise our clients.

I’m a social person and enjoy spending time with friends and family. I am particularly fond of visiting art galleries and am fascinated with how people can come up with an idea and – with patience and skill – bring that idea to life with their hands. This inspired me so much that I have become involved with the Eastside Culture Crawl Society in Vancouver.


  • CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® (CFP), Financial Planning Standards Council
  • FAMILY ENTERPRISE ADVISOR (FEA), Family Enterprise Canada
  • Canadian Securities Course, Canadian Securities Institute
  • Life License Qualification Program, Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
  • Conduct and Practices Handbook, Canadian Securities Institute


Over 25 years of working with Legacy Family Office has given us the confidence to make informed decisions that have seen us succeed through all of life’s transitions, including moving on from our professional business lives into an amazing retirement where we are living the life we’d always dreamed of – without worry.

– Alan and Margaret