Spencer appreciates the entrepreneurial spirit and the passion that business owners have for their business; helping them achieve their goals is very rewarding. His experience in the complex world of investments and markets leads to well-informed conversations with his clients as well as with other professionals involved in the care of his clients.

Advancing through the financial industry since 2007, Spencer has seen various sides of the financial and business worlds along the way. He has worked in mature companies and in new ones, observing how different business models are needed at different seasons in a company’s growth.

Spencer sees a parallel between his early life as a sportfishing lodge operator and guide and the work he does now. His role with Legacy Family Office is essentially the same as it was when he was a guide: help the client achieve their goals by guiding them where they need to be at the right time. That moment when a client realizes they’ve achieved what they set out to do is when all the hard work, careful planning, and knowledgable positioning finally pays off!