We offer a full range of family office services, which we custom-fit to your own unique business, professional and family needs.

Examples include:

  • securing your income for the next stage of your life
  • preparing wise portfolio and asset allocations
  • providing bookkeeping and tax advice services
  • succession planning to help the next generation take over the leadership of the business
  • helping you plan for the retirement of your senior business leader
  • providing management advice for better integration of family and non-family managers and staff
  • discussing about how best to care for non-business members of the family
  • preparing estate plans that meet the diverse needs of different family members
  • restructuring the balance between family and business assets for the best outcomes
  • and many, many other topics that families in business or professional practice encounter over the years

To determine if our service options will serve your family’s business and family financial needs, please call our office at (604) 678-3003 or email us at legacyfamilyoffice@assante.com to schedule an initial consultation meeting with JeffPaul, or Kelly.