Together, our team’s experience comprises over one hundred years of service to clients with complex family businesses, professional practices, and substantial portfolios.

We are a well-balanced team. Our people builders enjoy training and developing the new generation who is preparing to move into business leadership, or helping you sort out a family conflict, for example. Our business builders have extensive professional business and family-business experience and work with senior managers to strengthen the overall family business package for enhanced value and stability, particularly during a period of expansion or transition. And our retirement and security specialists help you protect your family’s assets and plan for a vibrant and rewarding “post-executive/professional” stage, whether your desire is to travel, serve the community, start yet another enterprise, or whatever it is that appeals to you.

Three of our advisors have 20 years or more each of experience serving business and family clients like you, one has thirteen years of experience in the financial services industry, and two others have nearly ten years experience each. On top of that, we value education and training, so we regularly upgrade our skills to serve you even better.

During those years, we’ve worked with many different family, business, and enterprise networks, and have guided our clients through some of the worst economic times in nearly a century. We are proud to see “our families” thrive and grow!

Finally, we are business owners too, and we understand the emotional side of nurturing and protecting the business you have spent decades building and solidifying.